Testing team - how to deal with in Forum

Done. Link: https://forum.qubes-os.org/t/joining-the-testing-team/5190/1

Will do that now. I’ll ping you when I’m ready. And rename “User Support » Testing 4.1” to “User Support » 4.1” as explained before

Sounds good. To avoid potential problems, let’s proceed like this: You fully announce everything within the forum. Once you’re satisfied with how things stand, we can proceed to echo the announcement on the mailing lists.

The reason for this is that emails can’t be taken back after they’re sent, but things on the forum can be modified and edited. We may find that we want to tweak various things in the course of rolling this out on the forum, so it makes more sense to get everything situated on the forum before announcing via email rather than the opposite.

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I can set a “Custom template to display to users when sending a membership request”.

I was thinking of something like (feel free to suggest changes/corrections)

I have read the “about the testing team” post and would like to join it.

This could also be useful as an email template. Should we have anything else there?

I agree.

So, a user sends a membership request to join the testing team, and we show this message to them? I don’t understand. This is the sort of message that a user would send to us as a way of requesting to join the testing team. Also, how does email figure in here?

When sending the application this is the pre-typed text. It’s a template.

Oh, wait, after re-reading a few more times, I think I understand. A user wants to join the testing them. They hit some “join” button. This is the pre-filled message that they can modify before sending it to us. Makes more sense now.

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Now I need to set a group owner. Basically the person who’ll be approving people. @unman I feel you’ll be best fit for this job. I don’t know how this works via email, but my assumption is that you receive an email with the application message. And you reply for example “approved” and then we on the forum add that person manually.

I’ve added @adw as well and well as myself (myself mostly to keep an eye on process to see if its going well). And we can add more people as group owners in the future to reduce the “review burden”.

Sounds good?

Just updated the emails @adw. This is because in the future the upcoming releases will change and it would be annoying for all email users to change the address, I think. The new one are:

  • If testing updates , post in the ‘4.0 Testing’ category, or email testing-updates at forum.qubes-os.org .
  • if testing releases , post in the ‘4.1 Testing’ category, or email testing-releases at forum.qubes-os.org .

Gerat work.

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On the forum all seems to be setup now.

Signup Flow

I used my testing account (@deeplow-testing) to follow the signup process. (sorry @unman, this has images, but you should be able to follow with just the text)

  1. First the user goes to the group page (as indicated in the instructions) and then they click + Request

  2. After that they see the template I mentioned above and hit Submit Request


  3. Group owners get a notification / email with the application:

  4. Then the group owners click on the “handle membership request” link which takes us to a page where users can be accepted to the group:

This last step is the one that can’t be fully followed without running javascript. So we can handle it on the forum side for @unman. (you can also do a PUT request to https://forum.qubes-os.org/groups/44/handle_membership_request.json with the payload user_id=848&accept=true and the forum cookie – But this is not practical…)

Chose a category icon

Also, the beaker font-awesome icon seemed appropriate for the testing team. But I can change it.


But what about the risk related to stability mentioned by @adw? Shouldn’t it be mentioned?

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Perhaps we could add “stability” in the following statement?

If security and stability is crucial to you, you should use the current stable release,
not enable the testing repositories, and not join the testing team.

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I’ll wait until this is settled before proceeding with the email announcement.

Ok. Btw, you’re fine with the inclusion of “stability” in that statement, right? Since you proposed something similar. I’m guessing it’s non-controversial, but just wanted to check.

Other than that everything seems to be working find and ready.

Yes. If anything, I would say more (as I did above), but I have no objection to your proposed phrasing.

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This is good for me.

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Sent to mailing lists.

Definitely not. As it states here, qubes-announce is only for QSBs, new stable releases, and EOL notices. We have to be very strict about this, or else people who wanted a low-volume list will leave. The whole point of qubes-announce is to deliver only about the most absolutely critical announcements, so it loses its reason for existence if we deviate from that.

I did, however, send it to qubes-devel, qubes-users, qubes-testers, and qubes-project. Of course, approximately 0.2 seconds after hitting “send,” I realized that I forgot to specify a reply-to address, so now I’m just waiting for someone to reply-all to four different mailing lists… :man_facepalming:


I think the testing team could be mentioned in this page to get some more attention.

Good idea. Added:

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