Template Update Errors (Fedora-33)

Getting an error when attempting to update Fedora-33 Template:

Failed to return clean data

File"/usr/lib64/python3.9/ipaddress.py", line 1925, in hash
return hash((self.ip, self._scope_id))
AttributeError: _scope_id

Fedora-33 is EOL as far as I know. You should upgrade it to at least 34, even better to 35

Is it required to upgrade to R4.1 to use Fedora-35 and Whonix-16? Is the in place upgrade to R4.1 stable?


it depends, I guess

This guide says you are required to update

To upgrade in order to use and to upgrade in order to get support are different things. I specifically answered on your question.

Even more precise, you should upgrade to 4.1 because 4.0 EOL is August 4th this year.

Ok. Is the R4.1 upgrade stable? Did you have any issues when upgrading? When I tried it not too long ago

my system was rendered unusable.

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which repo would need to be used to use whonix-16 on R4.0?

I didn’t upgrade. I went to a clean 4.1 install.

That’s why I choose clean install to avoid that to happen. I would always prefer backup - clean install -restore from backup

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Note that using a non-supported OS in Qubes may have security implications; it’s not recommended unless you really know what you are doing. Especially Whonix.