Template Update Error (original)

When attempting to update whonix-ws-16, there is an error message returned:

qvm-template --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community install whonix-ws-16

error: Template ‘whonix-ws-16’ is not managed by qvm-template

This looks strange, I get the following:

qvm-template --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community install whonix-ws-16

Template 'whonix-ws-16' already installed, skipping... (You may want to use the {reinstall,upgrade,downgrade} operations.)

By the way, the recommended way to update templates is to use the ‘Qubes Update’ tool.

Is your dom0 up to date?

Delete /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.VMRootShell if you have it, reboot just in case then retry.

What is this file and what does it contain? If I delete it, what will happen?

Can you install the template using qvm-template-gui ?

how to do this

You run the command qvm-template-gui in dom0, and select the template you want to install.

It says the template is “available” but when it is installed, it makes no difference, there is no new template which gets installed.

Did you reboot lately?

yes I have; currently using R4.1 but had to roll back to previous version due to some networking driver problems. For example, when booting from heads, need to choose two versions previous to the most up-to-date version of qubes with linux (fedora). I think this is the fedora version its referring to… I have rebooted lately yes

The whonix-ws-16 template has already been installed but when there’s an attempt to boot it it returns the following error message which may be related to disk space settings which for some reason, the GUI will not allow me to change:

Qubes whonix-ws-16 has failed to start
qrexec daemon starup failed
waiting for VM’s qrexec agent
connection to the VM failed

(these statements are not in order because the error message fades quickly)

@deeplow Unless I’m missing something, this is a duplicate of Template Update Error (original)

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yes it is

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What does this mean? How exactly did you “roll back” and to what version?

Thanks for the flag @gonzalo-bulnes. @librelifer, please refrain from creating duplicate topics. You have at least 4 topics under this name and that makes it harder for others to help you. You may change the title as you see fit or bump the topic from time to time.

It’s not a roll back per se, just choosing a previous version of Fedora from the Heads boot menu

What would I be deleting here?