Target Domains not available for copying files between VMs


Out of a sudden I cannot copy files anymore between VMs, I cannot chose Target Domains anymore. The field is greyed out. Copying text via clipboard works.

See screenshot.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hi @GMueller,
welcome to the QubesOS world :wink: .

Try the command-line interface (CLI), you will get a comprehensive message.

In your personaldeb11 terminal:

qvm-copy-to-vm dest_vmname file

Help: man qvm-copy or qvm-copy-to-vm -h

Hi @ludovic ,

Thank you for welcoming :slight_smile: it is not easy starting off with Linux and Qubes. But I love the concept and i am highly motivated get it running.

When entering as mentioned:

$ qvm-copy-to-vm dest_vmname file
qvm-copy-to-vm/qvm-move-to-vm tools are deprecated,
use qvm-copy/qvm-move to avoid typing target qube name twice

The GUI mask pops up showing the exact screenshot as shown above.

Request refused

When substituting dest_vmname with real vmname and file with real filename, the exact messages / pop up displays.

@GMueller you can use this:

qvm-copy <destVM> /path/to/file.txt


qvm-move <destVM> /path/to/file.txt

…in the terminal of the source VM. Replace <destVM> with the target VM name. /path/to/file.txt is the location of the file in the source VM.

Guys, my bad! So sorry. I was sure when giving the GUI command to copy a file to another VM a list of available Target VMs shows up in the Dom0 Operation Execution window. Since this was not the case (anymore) and I didn t figure out what was happening, I was posting this. It seems I was blind to see that in the Target Domain Line I must write the Target Domain (text). This then works. It is maybe just not that user friendly at this point. Was I dreaming that before an available Target Domain list was visible to scroll?

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In the GUI window, there should be a “drop down” menu of VMs (mouse click to the right of the text field, scroll and select). You can also begin typing the name of the VM (click in the text field and type) and it will autofill the VM name from the menu.

I do not see the drop down window (anymore). Maybe this is because I changed the Dom0 appearance / fonts yesterday!? It only works when start typing in the line. This is why I was confused

There should be a triangle or arrow that points down - to the right of the text box. It might be hidden if you were altering fonts and themes. Try clicking to the right of the text box.

Crazy. Just figured out. Was changing to “Xfce-winter” style yesterday. Then the arrow for drop down disappears. When changing to other styles, the arrow shows up again. Really tricky

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There ya go. Cheers.