T14s Gen 2 5850U Compatibility

Hi all. New potential user here. I was looking through the hcl for newer laptops with newish CPU. I saw an entry for T14s that sounded positive and was hoping someone who has installed Qubes on it to share their experience. Thanks!

Hi @vxc, welcome to the community! I’m glad you are interested in trying Qubes OS. Indeed, there are some report about such model on the forum, and you could find them using the search:

Note that you can also try Qubes by installing it on a USB stick, without touching your hard drive.

Thanks. I did check the search function before posting and only could find that report unfortunately. I was hoping that @Amadeus65 or some other person who has installed on a T14s might see this. Seems unlikely, but decided to take the chance anyway :slight_smile:

Hi I am currently in the Netherlands, without the T14s AMD Ryzen pro5850U (X1 Nano i7 1180 on openSUSE with me) Wednesday I am back I’ll read and if I can help I’ll let you know.

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