Systemd, Dbus, Socket

Do you think the use of biometrics (fingerprint authentication) would improve code repo security?

The biometric authenticaion algorithm returns a hash which is piped to a parameter for asymmetric key


Are multiple signatures required when signing QubesOS code? Or is it only one single dev’s signature which is required?

Is it risky to host QubesOS code on a public repo like Github?

Can you stop spamming the Forum with your ill thought out one line
And, none of this is User Support.

If you did a little research and wrote a structured post it would be far
more useful, as I have repeatedly said.


I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

What category would it fall under?

Hi @unman, I understand your frustration. @huaopeng’s style is certainly very different and I for one are exceedingly happy they decided to post all their current questions in one loosely thematic thread instead of creating many separate posts. This way those who would like to engage and discuss with @huaopeng can do so, while others are free to mute/ignore the thread. I think this works best for all.

The questions posted are all on-topic and asked in a way that conforms with the CoC. Maybe in case of this thread it does belong more into the General Discussion category then User Support but I can see arguments for both. I’ll move it to General Discussion.

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