Systemctl error on boot

I asked here a week ago or two about a systemctl error… I got some answer, but i managed to loose that password for that account and that never/rarely happens, but now it did.
So i’m trying again here.

Some wrote it’s in ubuntu and nothing to think about.
Or if it was the squash-fs thing i saw that was the ubuntu issue. I dont use ubuntu and saw that in dom0 and i posted a screenshot then also.
But the wierd thing now is i don’t seem to have the squash-fs error, but only the systemctl when i boot… I used your newest version though.

Can’t i remove the systemctl error on boot or fix it somehow? Why does it show even? Thank you

Hey @b4xqrm7nti,

I am not sure where you asked because I am not finding it through my searching and your account has no record of any such post. Perhaps you asked through a different account, or on the mailing list?

In any case, what is the exact error you are seeing? Is it the “Failed to start Load Kernel Modules” error? If so, then see this thread and this thread, as well as this FAQ entry. It is an “error” that every Qubes user seems to face and it appears to be inconsequential, at least for most users. Here is a Github issue ticket that tracked it, in case you are curious:

If that is not the error you are seeing, then please clarify what exactly the error is. Any log excerpts you can provide us will help.


Edit: I see now what you mean. You lost the password to your old forum account. I found the post you are talking about and I think I am correct in inferring what error you are talking about. If I am mistaken, or you need further help, let me know here.

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If you follow the suggestion and check with systemctl status you will
see that the relevant service is correctly started

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Thanks for your good answers. Very detailed. And yes i forgot the password of an old account.
Good if it’s only cosmetic. Good to know.

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