System crashes right after installation

Some time ago I had installed qubesos on my system. Yesterday I downloaded the ISO for 4.1.2-x86_64 and unfortunately found that the system after the installation dies…

Does anyone have any idea why this can happen? I’ve already tried a new installation, myself an error… As I said, I had already installed qubes and haven’t changed anything on the system since then… An installation of e.g. Debian also works normally

How exactly is it crashing and at what point during boot?
Maybe it’s a graphics bug? Can you switch to console with Ctrl+Alt+F1?
Did you try to install Qubes OS with kernel-latest?

I tryed both Kernels Same resault and i cant Open the Termin because instant Crashs

And i also Switched the graphics Card

What’s your hardware?
And can you describe the crash in more details?
Like you boot into GRUB, select Qubes OS entry, Qubes OS starts to boot - do you see some boot log during this stage? Or you instantly get graphics artifacts like in your attached image after you press on GRUB entry?
What happens when you get these graphics artifacts? Are they static or do they change after keyboard/mouse actions? Does it stay hung in this state or does it reboot by itself?