Sys-whonix not working despite positive status

Hello, in my configuration sys-whonix doesn’t work (The connection has timed out) when sys-net/usb is connected through a wireless adapter. (It works fine via lan!)
The sys-whonix status in the tor control panel is “Connected to the Tor Network!”.
Tor itself is not blocked, in fact I am able to use the tor browser in a qube connected directly to sys-net/usb.


In sys-whonix, add to the following file:
sudo vi /usr/bin/whonix-gateway-firewall

this line:

$iptables_cmd -A INPUT -m state --state RELATED -j ACCEPT

followed by:
sudo whonix_firewall

@gamlilitro I marked your last post as the solution to make it easier for future folks to find it, but I haven’t experienced the issue so please feel free to change that if you don’t think I should have highlighted it!