Sys-usb not starting- Yes, I know its a bug

Now, I am no expert following things on github etc, but this surprised me. I recently reinstalled qubes to the latest stable release. I didn’t need to but my system had become a bit buggered up with that being my first tilt at qubes and me doing this and that to it. I thought that a fresh slate would be a good way especially as I’m now using qubes as my daily driver and I am definitely better at using it.

So I installed sys-usb during install as I had done before and was surprised to find that sys-usb wouldn’t start everytime. Searching for this, it seems that this is a bug.

Now the thing is that I had the previous version of qubes on two laptops, a Lenovo x230 and a Dell Latitude E6530 and I’ve had qubes on them for maybe a couple of years, or so. Not sure exactly. I have never had trouble with sys-usb not starting before until this latest install. Yet I read that this is not a new problem? I thought that it was me. Now I have the problem on both laptops.

I’ve still got to finish configuring this for my daily use and I’ll be seeking some advice on this as well so I may bore a few of you. But this sys-usb thing really surprises me.

Have I got that right?

There are some logs in Dom0 somewhere… I can get paranoid and tell you about a lot of things.

Try No Strict Reset in Device Tab and restart the machine (probably tried that).

Dell had some jumper reset for BIOS/CMOS but I don’t know where it is on your machine. You can do the BUTCHER RESET: Pull some memory stick out start the machine. Put the memory stick back and restart.

what does this mean?

tell us the things

what is no strict reset change?