Sys-net Freezing

Please advise me of how I can determine the cause of the issue occuring.

I am experiencing an issue with Qubes in which my “sys-net” VM freezes and I lose network connection.
The “sys-net” VM freezes after connecting to a Whonix AppVM (sys-usb → sys-net → sys-firewall → sys-whonix → Whonix AppVM).

This issue occurs with both Debian 10 and Fedora 32 based sys-net VMs.
This issue occurs with different USB Wifi Adapters.
The sys-net VM runs perfectly until a Whonix AppVM is used.
Neither the sys-whonix or sys-usb VMs freeze. (sys-whonix does lose connection from sys-net though)

There is no difference in my sys-net “/var/log/xen/console/guest-sys-net.log” logs, between when the VM is running properly and after it has crashed.

I really need advise on how I can identify the cause of this issue, as it has plagued me.
This issue has occured multiple times throughout my use of Qubes. I always begin new again, but the issue eventually arrises again.