Sys-i2p clearnet traffic

I want to know if there’s a way to create a sys-i2p VM that routes all traffic through I2P and allow you to access clearnet (Like Tor). I want to do this to make this Connection Schema: User > I2P > Tor > Destination to prevent Kax17 and have enhanced privacy and anonymity.

Then you need to have a torified outproxy running somewhere in i2p. In fact, in your setup, the Tor part has nothing to do with Qubes, unless you want your i2p traffic routing back to your machine, then being poured into tor. The i2p part can be certainly set up, using those VPN-like techniques.

Got it! It’s not easy, of course, but i think that it’s a great deal. I will try to configure a i2p outproxy.

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