Sys-audio hangs audio sometimes

My sys-audio qube will sometimes only play one “frame” of audio. This only happens for the default speakers on my librem 14. Sometimes my sys-audio will not allow any audio played except if I use bluetooth speaker/headphones. It will instead freeze the video or source of the sound and not play anything until I start tweaking stuff (really anything) inside of pavucontrol.
Just sliding the volume bar up and down will let my sys-audio qube process sounds, however only one frame per action. When I stop taking actions in pavucontrol it basically repeats that audio frame until something else is changed. It sounds terrible.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

On another thread, I outlined the steps that I took to create a disposable sys-audio qube on my Librem 14. I have not experienced the issue you described. Could you please explain the steps that you took to create a sys-audio qube or link the guide that you followed?

That sounds like the power-save problem of your soundcard. Try this.

Make a file called “snd.conf” in deb11-min-audio at /etc/modprobe.d/, add the line
options snd_hda_intel power_save=0