Suspend -> dom0 clock errors

so if I suspend this desktop, dom0 clock awakes to what seems to GMT, sometimes I can get it back to local time with timedatectl -timezone EST and/or sudo qvm-sync-clock but this morning it is persisting as GMT,

I believe this is bad for the template updates, esp whonix ; this seems to have been going on for many years, is it a “known bug”

maybe I will just have to live with it, if it wasn’t for the template updates :frowning:

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Looks similar to this one:

ok, not surprised, for the record, seems to be that after one runs
$sudo qvm-sync-clock one has to wait about 5 minutes till the dom0 clock then shows the correct time, maybe it’s reliable if not convenient, probably really be an issue on a laptop more

though it might be this one

where eventually, like 20-30 after resume, it might sync up , either way, pretty sure this is something that has gone on for years, sorry, if I’m not reproducing it enough to help

i know because I used to fight with whonix updates, the whole time updates thing, has always been to complex when it breaks IMO

PS: i do have a disposable sys-net if that matters? ; which is my qubes-pref clockvm

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