Suggestions on "Installing a Windows VM"

Following the helpful guide at Installing a Windows VM, while installing Windows 11 Pro, I got into the “copying files” phase, but on “Copying Files” at 15%, the Windows window disappeared, and the popup reported that the vm has shut down. I got the same DomXXX out of PoD memory! error. Changing the memory from 4G to 8G solved this problem.

The one-paragraph section Configure Windows VM could be merged into the section above it, which is also about settings that need to be applied. Less verbiage to read!

Under “Install Windows on the new VM”, it would be helpful to mention that the re-starts are to be done without the --cdrom parameter, as it has loaded enough onto the virtual hard disk that it runs without (and with the --cdrom, it boots as if to start all over).

The workaround in the section “The installation of Windows 11 may require an internet connection to grab a Microsoft ID.” does not work - as soon as you kill the netflow process, the current version of the installer notices and gives a “Try again” prompt with no way forward. I wound up (temporarily!) attaching a netvm, and might have rebooted the Windows VM at that point (it was late last night and I didn’t take detailed notes, sorry).

Lastly, the section “The Windows license may be read from flash via root in dom0:” should point out that it only applies to machines that shipped with a Windows license pre-installed (not all PCs ship that way, despite Microsoft’s attempts).

That’s all for now. I did get Windows and QWT installed and have it up and running. Thanks!

My Environment: Qubes 4.1 on a Framework laptop w/ i5-1135G7, using Windows_11_22H2 English x64v1.iso to install Windows 11 Pro (duly licensed). Other VMs include OpenBSD and several Fedora.


Ping @GWeck

Thanks for these suggestions!

I am lokking into how I can integrate them into the documentation. Stay tuned!

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The documentation has been updated accordingly. Tanks again for your suggestions!