(suggestion) Add a new tab in "Qube Setting" window

I don’t know if this suggestion has already been made but it would be handy to have an extra tab that would be used to write some personal notes (I find it useful to see at a glance the modifications that had been made on a template for example).

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I haven’t heard of it yet, at least. But I would indeed agree that it could be useful. For example, it could be used to document what the purpose of the qube is so in the future we can remind ourselves. But perhaps for this a “qube description” box could be more useful.

(also, moved your post to the #general-discussion as #feedback is aimed at stuff about the forum or the website, as pointed out here. No worries, though. Also added a suggestion keywords to the title. Feel free to change it)

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Ok we’ll say it’s a beginner’s mistake :smile:

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Pretty sure there is an open issue on allowing users to add such notes.

Probably. But I generally find the github issues search box so useless that there probably is one but I will not find it by searching. So if someone does find it, please link it here :slight_smile:

True that.

Here, I will change your life:

Add in:title or in:description or in:title,description when searching GitHub qubes-issues from the Issues page.

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I believe this is the issue mentioned:

I used search term:

is:open label:"C: manager/widget" in:title description 

This is where @adw labels are quite useful!


Glad I’m not the only one who finds them useful! :laughing:

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