Stupid question - Q menu

I apologize for what feels to me like a stupid question, but I can’t figure what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m tired or missing something stupidly obvious.
How to I change the shortcut for the “Q” Menu?
I know the Keyboard shortcuts tool, I know xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu will get the menu to show up next to the mouse cursor, but what is the actual command to get the actual menu button to drop down? Or is that hard coded to be mouse-only for security reasons?

The menu gets stuck in the pressed state. You have to press the key combo only briefly. If you hold the combo too long the menu button state gets stuck in “down” hence it falling back to the at mouse cursor.

It’s a bug in the UI somewhere. I found the bug tracker for at some point but don’t have it handy.

You should be able to use alt+f1 (or something like that).

If it’s popping up at your house cursor. Open the menu manually with your mouse to get it to reset to not triggered/pressed. Then be very careful about how you trigger the key combo.

I suggest the Whisker menu with its search area, install it and map it to a keyboard shortcut.
Whisker is my daily driver.