Stupid Question: NetworkManager Not Latest Version, How to Update

My networkManager is 1.22 or something like that.

How do I update it?

I’ve run the Qubes Updater GUI app several times, but still at same version.

What am I missing?

how do you know that is not the lastest version

In the Qubes documentation, it refers to higher versions than this. A basic check of documentation shows it

What template are you using?
It may be that 1.22 is the latest version available in that template (e.g
debian-11 has 1.20 in main repos)

in the documentation for network mac randomization, it says to make sure you have network manager 1.4-something. The version is a lot higher than 1.2-something.

My templates are Fedora 34 and Debian 10. Network Manager is being generated through a disposable Fedora34 template.

Anonymizing your MAC Address

Although it is not the only metadata broadcast by network hardware, changing the default [MAC Address]( of your hardware could be [an important step in protecting privacy](
Currently, Qubes OS *does not* automatically "anonymize" or spoof the MAC Address, so unless this gets implemented by default you can randomize your MAC Address with the following guide.

## Upgrading and configuring Network Manager in Qubes

Newer versions of Network Manager have options for randomizing MAC addresses, and can handle the entire process across reboots, sleep/wake cycles and different connection states.
In particular, versions 1.4.2 and later should be well suited for Qubes. Qubes R4.0's default sys-net should have 1.8.2-4 by default.  
However, use of the NetworkManager GUI to set these options is **unreliable** - there are numerous reports of changes not being saved for particular cards or interfaces.
You should check carefully that any settings you make in the GUI are saved, before relying on this method.
If the settings are not saved, you can use the method described below using a config file.

Network Manager 1.4.2 or later is available from the Fedora 25 repository as well as the Debian 10 repository.

Check that Network Manager version is now at least 1.4.2:

I’m not understanding why I don’t have this version and when I reboot, the request MAC randomization is gone.

Is this because it’s disposable? Is it disposing of the MAC settings too?

I am trying to follow the instructions in here and can’t edit the Fedora 34 template to alter Network Manager. I have gone to terminal and done sudo su, but them I’m not sure how to run file manager

nevermind its nautilis

@qubesn00b you need to add /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/00-macrandomize.conf in your template (Fedora 34).

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There seems to me to be a fundamental misunderstanding here.

Those versions are 1.21.X or similar.
This is a lot higher than 1.4.X

This sort of version numbering identifies:
major - 1
minor - 21

The versioning is not 1.2-something, it is 1.21.-something

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Hello good folk,
I am trying to anonymize MAC address. I am not advanced /very advanced Linux user so please dont mind my question being sort of naive :

-in if [ -e /etc/debian_version ]; then : if my netVM template is fedora, in that case should be /etc/fedora-34 ?
-but before this, should I be working on the original template or should I clone the template or should I create a new qube AppVM on a fedora template and take it from there ?

  • also on ``` :
[device] : I should not replace with my device ?

Sorry being not topnotch, but I feel very grateful to Qubes family, I am getting many steps forward learning from you, 

Hello good folk,
I am trying to anonymize MAC address. I am not advanced /very advanced Linux user so please dont mind my question being sort of naive :

No - Fedora will be dealt with by the else statement
But you do know that this is to affect hostname not MAC address?

I suggest that you clone the template.

  • also on ``` :

no - as suggested, look at man nm-settings - the device marks a
section within the file

No need to apologise - everyone starts somewhere.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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Hello unman,

Yes I know. I just mixed up while posting my question,
I understand now the “else” referring to Fedora, never the less I dont understand what does Debian here since imy netVMś template is Fedora ?

It was a big suffer but things are getting better. As you noticed by now I am novice altho I got hooked to Linux “ethically”, but when I discovered Qubes I found the dreamed OS.

The script is intended to be run on both Debian and Fedora based qubes -
so there needs to be some logic to handle the differences.
Otherwise there would need to be two scripts - one for Debian and one
for Fedora.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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Hello unman,

I succeeded to create a new netvm and it randomizes hostname.
meanwhile :
-it will not do the job if new netvm is disposable
-I could connect to network, but upgrades are not happening , curl error 56.

I am trying to follow Joanna’s tutorial ( from 2011) to create parallel netvms (The Invisible Things Lab's blog: September 2011), I am not succeeding. Are commands outdated ?

thnaks !

You absolutely cannot follow notes from 10 years ago - this applies in
almost every sphere, not just Qubes.
Read that post, understand the principles behind it, and then apply
current situation.

Since you have given absolutely no details about why “it will not do
the job” for disposables, I cannot help you.
Since you have given no details about how you are trying to upgrade, or
what you are trying to upgrade, I cannot help you.
This is an old but still relevant guide to writing good questions - over 20
years old, but you can follow this guidance.

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cheers for you having such patience and being pedagogue

when I get notification for available update and after I launch updater ( for the new fedora )

file /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/macros.qubes is not present

dnf-makecache : could not create DNF metadata cache

pkg.uptodate : one or more requisite failed :update.qubes-vm.dnf-makecache

notify updates : command “/usr/lib/qubes/upgrades-status-notify” run

Did you read that guide I linked?

What template are you using for the new sys-net?
Can you confirm that updates worked when you used a different (which?)

I got a "potential security warning " when tried to follow the link, so I didn’t read it.

As for new sys-net : I cloned the fedora 34, created a sysnet etc.
I confirm : updates worked earlier, until I attached pci device to the new sysnet. My newbie guess its dom0 configuration.
I ended up reinstalling qubes all over

Probably that maneuver is too big shoes for me right now even if I will be trying again, and this time with fedora34 minimal template to create a parallel sysnet.

If I can propose an unrelated matter : Many folks out there are Linux enthusiasts and are dumping creepy OSes. Qubes OS/ community forums are a mine of information and offer a great opportunity to strengthen knowledge but most of the time they talk to folks well established in Linux. A Qubes oriented Linux handbook would boost newbies learning to a might facilitate the task.