Strategy for the setup on Qubes

Hello I’m currently new on QubesOS

So for the first few thousand hours I was hoping to do some research on:

  1. LUKS + LVM partitioning research + Yubikey Bio (probably have to wait for it) or FDE + Yubikey Bio

  2. installation of a SIEM and hardware info (deciding if inside a VM or outside a VM), along with the ExpressVPN. And also a network monitor/mapper so I can hopefully see how the VMs look like.

  3. separation of research machines (pen testing machines), personal machines (game VM), deep-learning/data analytics VM, chat/video chat VMs

Hi, welcome to the community! I hope you will like Qubes and will be able to use it as a daily driver. There is a very detailed documentation on the website, which helped me tremendously. Cannot recommend it enough:

The community will try to help you whenever you have any questions.

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