Status of BTRFS Support

I have been trying to figure out what the status of BTRFS support is on Qubes. There are a lot of forums posts reporting increased performance and I was able to install the latest RC with BTRFS instead of LLVM thin provisioning. However, it is not the default and many tickets referencing it have been assigned TBD milestones.

I installed it and it seems to be working fine. Is it going to blow up on me? What are the sharp edges?

I have been using it for 3-4 months now, I have not had any issues.

There is a difference in how disk size is displayed in applications like qubes manager and backup tool, with btrfs they show the size of vm + template with ext4 it’s just the vm, but it doesn’t make any practical difference.

The only problems I have experienced is related to restoring backups.

Sounds like this also happens in EXT4? And the qvm-backup-restore --ignore-size-limit workaround fixes it?

Yes, that workaround works.