Start hold until boot process... hanging at boot

Hey again,
Error: start hold until boot process finished up.

I installed the new Kernel 5.10.13 ,but there is exactly the same error and I am stucked at booting when I try to start with nvidia drivers and kernel 5.9.14 and added the grub_line to disable nouveau. The only thing to get it working is to boot an older kernel and with nvidia drivers booting I have to edit the grub again and delete the additions.

And in both situations the luks password screen looks different, to and there is a long line with the path to the volume and just and semi column (:slight_smile: . But that is not the problem and I can enter it. Then there will be screen with 3 big dots in the middle.Pressing an arrow-key will bring be to the boot loading screen and hanging at the error with the start hold…terminate plymouth services
I tried it with other display manager like sddm and noticed that there it says ok but at the step loading the display manager ,but then it switched to a black screen with a blinking _ and nothing happens until alt+f2 brings me in the console to reboot or whatever.
So maybe it is a problem with the kernel and the display managers or I don’t know.
What I found really strange is that it is the same error with new kernel without any nvidia drivers as it is with at an older kernel…
What can I try to pass that step and boot with those new kernel ? If I can fix that would be amazing, because then a few problems should be repaired in one time;)
But I think that this could be difficult or?

Stay healthy