Start failed: internal error: libxenlight failed to create new domain 'sys-firewall'

ill be reinstalling then lol can’t have a bricked system. ill come back and update when it finishes

Everything need to take time

Sounds good!

when putting in the installer again I saw this message saying, supported iso: no does that mean my pc cant run qubes, should I redownload the iso or do I just leave it?

Good question! I’ve never seen that message myself. Your configuration looks supported to me, possibly with the only exception being the graphics card, but that’s not creating the problem that you have with sys-net. I’d say just continue to install on the other drive and see if it works fine this time.

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Yessir much appreciated, ill get back to you.

solution! I appreciate you guys.

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the process was way faster to install aswell, not sure if that was because of the 2tb hdd seeing as I used a 64gb usb flash drive at first.

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I’ve made the title a bit more specific

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