SSD doesnt boot Qubes


I installed Qubes OS from an USB stick to an external SSD, but if i wanna boot Qubes from that SSD the errror “Reboot and select proper boot device” appears.

I already checked secure boot. I think the bootloader didnt got correctly installed (could be my own mistake)

Do i have to completly install it again or can i somehow get the SSD to boot Qubes?

Thank you very much for your time :>

You need to use UEFI fallback path:

Hellow again,
i wanna reinstall Qubes OS now but how do i clean the SSD? it doesnt show up on windows so i cant use disk cleanup or other tools.
would you help me again? :sweat_smile:

Just for a note: the reinstall won’t fix your problem. You’ll still need to use the UEFI fallback path if you want to use Qubes OS on removable drive.
You can format drive using Windows Disk Management tool.

Okay, thank you very much. I´ll try it :melting_face:

im sorry to annoy you again, but what does the first step mean “mount the bootloader partition”
i know what an partition ist, but i have no idea what mouting is and afther reading mount › Wiki › (German, briefly explains what mounting means)
i am kind of getting the idea. But still, i have no idea how to execute the first step in rescue mode.

Im sorry first time installing qubes and first time even touching things like BIOS. Im a Newbie…

Like this: