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But the link gives:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

It’s private. You have to have a sufficiently high trust level to access it. That’s a side effect of a decision that you have to be a regular to discuss non-Qubes topics. If you hang out for a while, you’ll be able to access this discussion.

Yes. Since the topic was not really Qubes-specific I moved it into a sort of “off-topic” category we have. However, to garantee fruitful discussions and easiler moderation we have that category resticted to regular forum users (trust level 2). You can see here the discussion that lead to this decision.

I have also been trying to push discourse developers into providing a little more information on that page. Namely, referring that that pages it s private category and what the requirements are to get in:

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This could be a problem for certain users (like me) trying to avoid having too large of a footprint on open forums like these, by using multiple accounts.

Would it be impossible to make these posts at least read-only for low trust users?

Let’s not forget that the focus of the forum is to promote discussions about Qubes OS.

Making it read-only would likely cause more confusion: Can't reply to [qubes-users] threads. If really want so much to access that category, what I suggest you do it get one of your accounts to trust level 2. The only bigger requirement is entering at least 20 topics.

You can then even activate the malinglist mode and check the forum via email so the forum doesn’t log which pages your visit.