Split GPG & Mutt Not Working

Split GPG is working fine for me in a Whonix AppVM with Thunderbird.

I have followed these instructions:

I do not have cyrus-sasl-plain installed as instructed because SMTP worked fine without it.

For /etc/Muttrc.local in whonix-ws-15 Template

  • the two instances of pgpewrap were changed to /usr/lib/mutt/pgpewrap

For ~/.mutt/muttrc in work-email AppVM

  • I used this muttrc file. Nothing in the Qubes-Community instructions were added to it because it says “adjust for your needs” and from what I can tell nothing in the example that is given is important. From what I can tell, any overlapping commands that are in both this file and in Muttrc.local are identical.

To set variables used in muttrc, I created ~/.mutt/account which contains:

set realname = "username"
set my_account = "username"
set my_domain = "domain"
set my_onion = "URL.onion"
set my_keyid = "0xkeyidexample"

I should add that the PGP in mutt works with these same settings in another AppVM not using Split GPG (which has the key pair in the same qube).

But in the work-email qube , when I open the same email in mutt that works with Thunderbird I get:
[-- Error: decryption failed: No secret key --]

Has anything changed in Split GPG since these instructions were written? Did I otherwise somehow miss something in the Qubes-Community instructions?