Split-gpg gpg: error reading key: No secret key, but keyfile is in folder

Following this guide Split GPG | Qubes OS

Got to

qubes-gpg-client-wrapper -K --keyid-format long

And responds with gpg: error reading key: No secret key

I checked the folder in the offline pgp VM, and verified that the keyfile .kbx is definitrely there as I created it previously.

Has anyone seen this error?

Also to confirm, when I run the command, it pops up what seems to be the dom 0 file transfer dialogue, but it says qubes.Gpg. I just select the work-pgp appvm where the key files are. But is this behavior correct? The guide doesn’t go into detail about this.

And I’m not sure if this changes anything but I’d like to get this working for Mutt and not thunderbird.

The confirmation dialog is expected.
It’s implicit in the section marked “Advanced Configuration” where it is
explained how to prefill the target.

Read the Mutt Guide in the docs, which explains how to have split gpg working in mutt.

I cant account for your failure to read the key. Check that you have
followed the guide.