Split-gpg and some gui/clipboard integration

new to qubes, love it so far. only have experience with 4.1rc4 due to my hardware (tiger lake). I can live with lack of suspend, it mostly works otherwise.

I assume this issue exists in previous qubes versions based on forum threads on the topic.

Desperately looking for a way to have a tails-like gpg experience in a reasonably secure way with qubes. I’ve gone through the split-gpg docs, and have split-gpg working fine with the command line (qubes-gpg-client). I don’t doubt it also works as advertised with git and thunderbird, but I want to interact with the clipboard. decrypt/verify encrypt/sign clipboard, with the main use case of copy/pasting gpg content to/from browsers.

whonix-16-ws has GPA installed, but can’t get it to work with qubes-gpg-client[-wrapper]. Tried changing links to gpg2 and gpg to point at qubes-gpg-client[-wrapper], no love.

The actual tails applet is now called openpgp-applet, packaged separately from tails, and is in bullseye (debian-11-template) repo, and works, even goes into qubes system tray (awesome!) BUT NOT WITH SPLIT-GPG. I also tried using kgpg installed into debian-11. again, no love. always always errors about unsupported gpg options.

Is there any way to use split-gpg with -something- that can integrate with the clipboard and/or provide a tails like gpg experience? Any pointers on what to use and how to make it happy with qubes-gpg-client[-wrapper] would be very appreciated.

Inside whonix-16-ws appvm/dispvm is my ultimate goal, but a solution that works in a non-whonix appvm would also be great.

thank you very much.

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