Split-browser with debian-minimal doesn't show up

Okay I know why. Let me try fixing this first, and I will report if there is a way to combine both tools.
The culprit is that sb.js / sb-load.js file, which overwrites the config file path.

Are you using that Arkenfox guide from the forum? I haven’t tested it at all, but it looks like maybe you could delete the Arkenfox autoconfig.js, and move firefox.cfg containing all those pref(...); lines to [/usr/local]/etc/split-browser/prefs/ (with a .js extension) in the persistent VM.

Fixed everything with both tools, hang on

exactly what I did

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Everything solved, just had to copy firefox.cfg prefs to /etc/split-browser/prefs/, everything works like a charm.

Thanks a lot for your fast and kind help, always appreciated even if usual around here.