Sorry, but this forum software is awful

You can use SimpleLogin or a similar service, when you create the forum account.

Use free disposable SMS registration to counter major problem #1 , reply here if service you are looking requires a non-VoiP phone number I do have several service sources. In which case resources, one of those can let you rent a ‘real’ number for 5 mins ( the time of the verification ). Simply search for “non void sms registration tool” , I have used the ‘pool’ one hundreds of times for various purposes without issues so far.

Effective non-VoIP numbers are usually paid, but at about 0.25$ to 0.50$ a pop, it’s very reasonable for the purpose it serves. You don’t need an email and the one I use (hinted at above) accepts most cryptocurrencies as top-up options and no minimum deposit.

This is easy to solve.

1: You can use a disposable email account just to access this forum as discourse doesnt block most of them. Just pick one you feel comfortable with.

2:If you really want to use a permanent email address, proton or tutanota for example, use Tor Browser. Tutanota and Proton do NOT block Tor, however they DO block certain exit nodes. And with proton they may ask you to provide a phone number. This is easy to deal with but it might take a while. Just keep changing your identity on TB until tutanota stops blocking the exit node you are on and proton asks you to either solve a captcha (preferable) or use another email address (which will only be used for verification purposes). For this email address just use a disposable email address (proton only blocks some).

3:Contact Tutanota team, they have, several times in the past, helped people who had issues creating accounts with them (because they were on Tor or with a vpn).

4:Get a custom domain and create your own email.

That said, it would be better if the forum allowed for the creation of accounts with only username and password.

Glad you’ve discovered it. I was just about to point you to that.

I dislike it too. I think it’s bad for new users who don’t yet know markdown (the language used add text style, etc.). Give this feedback to the discourse (the forum software we use) developers at or if you have coding, skills, improve it as it is free and open source software.

Thanks for the feedback! Us mods try to approve it ASAP whenever this happens but from my experience it rarely affects the same user twice. How has your experience been? Have your posts put on the review queue more than once?

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Mate, the icons are still out of hand to match the color scheme with the forum.

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If you’re talking about the dark theme, address that here. But be aware that I just made some changes to that. You may need to full reload of the webpage to see the changes (ctrl+r).

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Disposable SMS is blocked by many services. However, from what I understand you’re saying, you can counter this using a website that has numbers that aren’t blocked? I’m aware of one such service, if we’re gonna be subtle about it, the service in question has a yellow branding, is quite expensive (around $25 USD per number and I forgot how long it lasts for). However in my situation, I haven’t explored crypto yet (I’m getting to it).

  1. I’ve tried to access Tutanota and ProtonMail through Tor and I’ve used dozens of exit nodes. I’ve never found one that worked. And that’s just for signing up - I’d have to do this every time I sign in.

Again, I have tried signing up to ProtonMail using disposable email addresses and I haven’t found a service that hasn’t been blocked.

  1. I already do this. I used a custom domain address when I signed up to this forum. It’s reasonably secure but there is still a (though very obfuscated) link to my identity.

The point I’m making here is…it would be better if they didn’t ask for an email at all.

Address this to the people at It’s not like there’s a button that we could just toggle that says “allow username-only registrations”, even though I’d like that. Discourse uses email for so many things.

In other words, a lot of the complaints you have are not directed at this forum in particular, but rather, at a large number of fora which runs the same software.

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My first 4 or so posts/replies were hidden. and every other post gets hidden. And I think it gets hidden from really stupid things like if I mention eddit, add the r.

OK, I checked the spambot logs and you got unlucky and two of your posts got hidden and went to the review queue. Both got reviewed within 24h and were reinstated. Sorry about that! Bad bot! But so far, nothing else has happened. And since you’re now in trust level 1 this should never happen again. You got unlucky, that’s all.


However, from what I understand you’re saying, you can counter this using a website that has numbers that aren’t blocked?

That’s correct. The way those services filter and block these disposables is on basis of them being VoiP (a digital phone if you’d like, such as what call center uses).

if we’re gonna be subtle about it, the service in question has a yellow branding, is quite expensive (around $25 USD per number and I forgot how long it lasts for)

I would advise you to google ‘non-voip sms verification’ to find one that has low pay-per-use fees. Within the first page you will see some that have 90%+ success rate and they cost a few pennies a number. Number will be rented to you personally for a few mins so you may complete the verification.

I do agree with the promise of the principle behind the email issue you raised. Perhaps we can consider implementing changes in a not so distant future, from what I gathered so far that’s why this community is awesome.

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You can still do 1 and 3.

As to 2, you were unlucky, it didnt take long for me. For login in it is different, you can use proton’s onion address quite easily for example, it obviously doesn’t block exit nodes.

As to 4, you can have your own email, with your own custom domain completely annonymous, that’s the only way I use mine. Just get a cheap domain with crypto or even cash in some cases!

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I won’t be surprised when I’m unlucky.

When you register for a Proton VPN account first, that does not require any verification, you get Mail account created automatically. :wink:

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… but the content is beautiful…

But you have to pay for the VPN. And any financial transfer over the net is gonna have your identity tied to it somehow, unless you mined the crypto yourself and paid via Monero using a tumbler.

No, you can use the VPN for free.

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When you actually go and try you will find you can register for Proton VPN for a free account without a single transaction.