Some Whonix applications got missing

Hello experts

I noticed today that some applications in my sys-whonix became missing. I don’t recall doing anything specific like backup-restore. Did the latest updates. This image shows what I’m talking about:
Any ideas?

Just select them, put them back, refresh icons, restart qube, and everything should be right.

I noticed the same thing after setting up sys-gui-gpu and refreshing applications in my templates, not just on whonix but also a missing app on my Fedora-34 and Fedora-34-xfce templates as well.
I thought it was a bug related to the GuiVM.

If I under stood you correctly enmus you suggested removed them as selected apps, refresh, restart and select them again. I’ll try it now.
I just noticed them missing in dom0 too and I did run an update on everything before setting up sys-gui-gpu.

I’ll give this a try and let you know if it works.

Strange, I just did a clean install on a test machine with a 4.1 ISO downloaded 3/30/22 and I’m noticing the missing applications in whonix and the missing app in fedora-34 out of the box.
Not sure if the ISO has been changed since but maybe I’ll try downloading a fresh one today.

Based on the release schedule it should be the same ISO though, so just updating should be the only way to see any difference.

It’s harmless thing and I’m not sure if you tried what i suggested.

I had removed the missing apps yesterday. This morning, after reboot, and refreshing the list, the missing applications never appeared again… As it seems to be behavior that comes with a fresh install (according to Kenny) this could be considered a bug I guess.

If some of the posts resolved it for you, please consider to mark it as a solution so it could help other users too.

This is not a Whonix-specific thing. After a clean install of 4.1 I had the same issue with several qubes, not only with Whonix. Looks like a minor bug. It can be fixed as @enmus suggested.

An issue should probably be created in the issue tracker.

There’s already an issue for this, and it is not a bug.
The set up attempts to place some items in the menu, and the error
message tries to tell you that they are not available in the template
you are using.
Whonix needs to update the apps list.
What was the template used for the other qubes you cite, and which
applications were noted?

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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I fixed formatting in your message

Thank you for the correction. Unfortunately I’m not able to recollect which other VMs were affected for me. It could be connected to Qubes backup restore indeed.

@Paulito says that Whonix still shows these warnings. Shouldn’t the recent update of Whonix have fixed that?

Thank you - mixed up my macros, I guess.