Some hardware issue

Hi, I have just installed Qubes 4.0.3 into my Laptop.

I want to contribute into the hardware compatibility list,
but, I need to ensure some issues first, before contributing,
and these issues, I have googled the solution, but could not find solution,
so please help me with below questions:

My Laptop’s mouse pad, or attached mouse, can move the mouse pointer,
but it cannot click, not or double click,
so I need to use the mouse pad click button to click,
which mean, I could not use it to highlight some words in my screen,
also I could not use it to scroll down on any web page,
also cannot use it to size up, or size down any opened window.
Anyone know, how to fix this issue ?

I also could not access my built in DVD RW in my Laptop,
Anyone know how to access it ?

Also my extension screen, cannot extend the screen, but it can mirror the screen only,
if I disable mirroring and primary screen for the 2nd monitor, it can extend the screen,
but I could not move any window into the extended screen.
Anyone know how to enable the extended screen ?

I can use my mouse pad properly already,
by setting system tools - mouse and touch pad.

Extended screen also can function properly,
by setting system tools - Display - uncheck mirror display for both screens - move extension screen to expected position.

DVD RW also can be accessed, by Qubes devices, but from dom0 only.

I wonder, how do we check within our system,
each information int the hardware compatibility list,
such as: HVM, IOMMU, SLAT, TPM, Kernel,
I turned on virtualization in BIOS only.

Run qubes-hcl-report in dom0.

Before installing you can run a Qubes Live image, and test from that.
Otherwise, it’s a matter of checking the manufacturers information to
see what the capabilities are, both for CPU and mainboard.