[solved] messed up qrexec policies

I think renaming to .backup is enough:

The policy files, stored previously in /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/ , are now located in /etc/qubes/policy.d/ . Furthermore, each file must have a .policy extension, and any temporary files will no longer cause issues.

What if you change all VMs template back to fedora-34?
Does file transfer between VMs or any other functions work besides clipboard and updates?

Do you suspect a non-functional qubes-package in fedora-35? Definitely I made too many changes in a short period of time.

Let me revert the sys-vms to fedora-34 first.

Also what do you have in dom0 journalctl when you try to copy/paste clipboard or run dnf update in template?

Nothing, both actions (neither ctrl+shift+c) leave a trace in journalctl -f. Nor in sys-usb’s journal. Maybe I need to switch it to a more verbose mode.

Also a qvm-copy somefile in any of VMs results in “Request refused”, no entry in dom0-journal either.

I still suspect that one of the sudo qubesctl --all state.highstate messed up the qrexec policies.


failed to start in dom0. This was due to a typo in /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.InputMouse.

Corrected the entry and did a systemctl restart qubes-qrexec-polix-daemon.service. Now updating the templates, interVM-copy&paste and qvm-copy work again.