[solved] how-to set sys-VM icon for Qube Manager

Hi Qubies! I have a couple of additional sys-VMs and chose a dedicated color for them in Qube Manager. All but one are displayed as a cube with a hole in the middle unlike the AppVMs which are pure cubes and the templates and disposables which are double cubes.

How does the Qube Manager decide when to use the cube with hole? And is there I way I can set this on my own?

[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-prefs sys-foobar icon servicevm-orange
qvm-prefs: error: property 'icon' on AppVM instance cannot be set


[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-prefs sys-mapper provides_network True
[user@dom0 ~]$ 

Changes the icon, too. All “cube with hole” VMs are offering to provide network, even sys-usb. Although sys-usb does not have an uplinkVM and no clientVMs. So setting “provides_network” to “True” might be a bit hacky but serves the aesthetic purpose.

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PS: if provides_network is set to True and netvm to None NetworkManager and nmapplet will get activated. This behaviour can be altered by adding and unchecking network-manager in the Services tab of your Qubes Settings in Qube Manager. For reference check sys-usb's settings.

Can’t change icon for dvm sys-printserver:
qvm-prefs: error: property 'icon' on DispVM instance cannot be set

To my experience some prefs can’t be changed or can only be changed if certain conditions are met.

If you want to use the servicevm-color icon you can set the provides_network to True. Then restart the Qube Manager.

Ok, it works. THX.