Solidwork and work MS account on Qubes?

Hi, I’m new to Qubes. I really love this project and I am strongly considering using it as my sole OS on my new workstation + personal machine.
One of the requirements for me to be able to use it without dual booting win10/11 would be to have a qube capable of running heavily GPU intensive work such as Solidworks, Ansys and other CAD/CAM/simulation software. I will have a discrete Nvidia GPU on my machine, and reading around this forum I see that setting up a GPU passthrough in a Windows HVM is possible. Is this sufficiently usable for daily work?
If anyone has benchmarked, or even has rough “works good enough” experience on the following programs in Qubes that would be very much appreciated:
SolidWorks (or any other engineering CAD software such as Inventor)
Visual Studio Code
Microsoft Excel

I would also need to be able to sign in to my work Microsoft account on these GPU-passthrough qubes, or at least be able to access the files on them from another Windows qube that has my work account signed in. I have not seen anything about how to do this, is this possible? I will be running other Windows qubes with a personal account as well.

If it helps in any way, I can provide the details of my hardware configuration. I’d like to be seeing close to native debloated windows performance (of course virtualization will take up some resources unavoidably).

Thank you and apologies if this is redundant.

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I’d suggest opening a separate topic for this one! That will make replies easier to read, and it will make both topics easier to find to other folks with similar questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, I will do that.

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