Software installed on Qube:work disappears but files stay after restarting qube?

I started using Qubes fairly recently. I just installed a software called “WPS”. You can google it. It is basically like Microsoft Office but free and cross platform.
I made a .docx file in the work qube… edited it by my newly installed WPS software and then shut the qube down… When i rebooted, the file is still there but i needed to re-install the software. Even the .rpm file of WPS is in the downloads folder of qube:work but the software no longer exists and needs to be reinstalled every time i reboot.

I think i am not understanding something about how Qubes works fundamentally. Please can someone help out. I am new to using Qubes.

Hi. The Qube or AppVM where you installed WPS is based on a template. WPS needs to be installed in the template. Software (or changes to the system) do not persist in the Qube or AppVM. It’s is a security feature.

Are you able to locate the Template where you need to install WPS? You need to copy the installation file there and install it there, shutdown the template, restart the Qube or AppVM and make sure in Qubes Settings > Applications > WPS is in the selected column.

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