Snapshot origin LV not found error

I am trying to create a new minimal debian AppVM just for practicing using zsh. I have the following mini-script to automate the installation process. However, at the latest qvm-run command for the AppVM, QubesOS complains, “Snapshot origin LV vm-d11m-zsh-root not found in Volume group qubes_dom0.”

Here’s the bash script:


# clone the existing debian-11-minimal template
qvm-clone debian-11-minimal d11m-zsh

# install the required packages into the new template
packs="pciutils psmisc man qubes-core-agent-networking doas rxvt-unicode zsh"
qvm-run --pass-io -u root d11m-zsh "apt install --no-install-recommends -y ${packs}"
qvm-shutdown d11m-zsh

# create the AppVM "zsh-practice"
qvm-create --label=blue --template=d11m-zsh zsh-practice

# setup the doas.conf file for superuser privilieges
qvm-run --pass-io -u root zsh-practice 'echo "permit nopass user as root" > /etc/doas.conf'
qvm-shutdown zsh-practice

At the “setup doas.conf file” step, I am getting the following message on the dom0 terminal:
Snapshot origin LV vm-d11m-zsh-root not found in Volume group qubes_dom0.

  1. What does this “error” mean (is it an error)?
  2. What are the implications of this error? Has the zsh-practice AppVM got corrupted or something?
  3. How can I resolve this error?

I just noticed in the shell script that I was trying to make a change in the root directory “/etc/” on the line for the doas config file.

That modification should’ve been done on the underlying TemplateVM, d11m-zsh.

Is this the source of the error message, maybe?