Snap/Flatpak keeps deleting

Hello, I want to install few programs through flatpak, but when I restart PC all of my flatpak packages are deleted. The same happened also for snaps but I stopped using them.

What can I do?

Thank you for help.

Try this : Qube Apps: a Flatpak-based app store for each qube


Hello, THANK YOU. I will try using --user and see if it will delete it.

For snaps, try installing it on both the template and appVM before installing individual apps.

Have you seen on the official docs?

Installing Snap Packages

Yes, I read it.

Paskalo helped me fix it. I had to always use flatpak –user. After that they don’t delete on restart.

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Ah. Perfect! Then this may be something missing from the documentation.

The docs are user-contributed, meaning that if you spot something missing, you can submit a change and in turn that will help others not have to go though it.

If you think this is needed in the docs, I encourage you to fix them :slight_smile:

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