Snap apps installed do not persist

I followed the guide for installing snapd to Debian 11 template, then when I install anything via snap, such a telegram or discord it worked while the vm is running then after restart I get this error.
cannot perform operation: mount --rbind /dev /tmp/snap.rootfs_… No such file or directory.

Not sure what im doing wrong here, tried this on a refresh debian 11 vm same problem.

While not sure what it could be maybe you should try to search the forum for it. Currently, it seems there are only 25 results for snapd search term

It’s because not all parts on an AppVM are persistent and so you getting the error, because the part (which was stored in the system folders) is gone after the next reboot.
So what you should read to understand Qubes, is this → How to make any file persistent (bind-dirs) | Qubes OS

And maybe you should read and install this → Qube Apps: a Flatpak-based app store for each qube

The latter is maybe somethings you really, really want so setup on your system, cause it fit the things you want in the way, what you’re looking for.

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I see will read more but they dont mention this when they tell you to install apps this way How to install software | Qubes OS