Small Font in Terminal @ qubes-dom0-update

Hello community,
R4.1 has a nice little xterm(-like) terminal window whenever i work with qubes-dom0-update.
Unfortunately the font is really small. Is there a way i can switch to another terminal software or append something like ‘-fs 18 -fa Monospace’ to the ‘xterm’ call?

You can:

  • use xfce4-terminal in dom0, or
  • put

! Use a truetype font and size.
xterm*faceName: Monospace
xterm*faceSize: 18

in /home/user/.Xresources, save it and restart Xterm and/or reboot Qubes.

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I’m already using the default dom0 terminal (xfce4-terminal), so that didn’t work.
But editing /home/user/.Xresources in the UpdateVM did the trick!