Slow graphics rendering after crash?

I had a few system freezes and crashes. Afterward the graphics are rendering slowly.

I had this problem before. Re-installing the os fixed it. But I don’t really want to do that.

Something must have got corrupted during the freeze/crash. It must be something that setups up the interface with the graphics card.

Does anyone know what that might be, and a simple way to fix it, without re-installing?

This has something to do with KDE. As the problem goes away with a xfce login.

Re-installing KDE didn’t fix it.

Try selecting an older kernel on boot. I’ve had problems like this before where a crash breaks my UI and this is a solid workaround for that, although my symptoms were a little different than what you describe

For anyone that runs into this problem, try restoring dom0, then overwriting .config with the restore .config.

This fixed it for me.
Something in the .config folder was corrupted by the crash.

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