Slow and non-responsive USB mouse

I have noticed at least once a day my usb mouse becomes slow and almost non-responsive. I use a sys-usb with 1 controller and 2 ports dedicated for it.

I often can resolve the problem by restarting the qube - if the mouse can get me there. Unplugging the adapter also works. The problem exist with debian-11. I switched to debian-10 to see if the problem also exists there. I vaguely recall it did when I first used Qubes.

Any ideas? Maybe I need to allocate more RAM (currently 400MB initial / 2 VCPU)?

I’m leaning on the problem being debian-11. sys-usb under debian-10 seems to be running stable for the last couple days.

I’ve been using debian-10 sys-usb for a week and finally encountered the slow and non-responsive mouse problem again. It now seems this happens for me in both 10 and 11 and on different ports and controllers.

I noticed the Qubes Domain tray showed sys-usb cpu usage was 51%. Disconnecting the USB adapter for a second resolved the problem. During the time, I was using a whonix-dvm to download some Microsoft KB offline updates. I also did some duckduckgo searches for the url.

It’s a new mouse. I thought the last mouse was going bad also and bought this new one but it seems more likely now they both have this problem.

I can’t imagine why it would use so much resource. Has anyone heard of this problem in any distro or hardware?

anything like this? guess your using rc1 with a sys-usb, sharing with network devices?

Thanks. Good reference. I’m on 4.0.4. For me it’s exactly like the pointer speed acceleration was flipped from currently 5.0 to 0. I vaguely recalled the previous time it happened with debian-11, it was right after OS install. I was customizing qubes and hadn’t connected to the network yet.