Sliding side bar

Is it possible to expose the sliding side bar since it is part of normal use, I just dislike how I have to pin-point it with mouse before I can slide it.
Also, at one point, actually twice happened to me that the wheel on my Microsoft mouse was working sliding the pages up and down but not anymore(?)

What is a “sliding side bar”?

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I believe they are referring to the scroll bar for page navigation. If so, mine disappears unless I’m moving the mouse. Scrolling with the mouse wheel works fine for me. I do see that if I go to use the bar that sometimes I have to hover over the bar location or move around a bit before the bar is visible/usable.

In my browser under settings-general, if I scroll down to near the bottom of the page, there is a section for browsing and in that section I can toggle or place a check mark in the setting Always show scrollbars.

got it, thanks much

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