Simple Way To Restore Dom0?

I’ve restored Dom0 from backup. And then copied over the files from dom0/user. It didn’t reset dom0 state. The backup only seems to backup the user files, and not all the dom0 files.

I installed a Veik driver in dom0 (couldn’t get it to work). And now I can’t seem to get rid of all traces of it.

I’m not too keen to re-install. Is there a simpler way?

Oh dear…

Would something like this work?

for evil_file in $(rpm -qlp ./path/to/rpm/that/you/installed/in/dom0.rpm)
    sudo rm -f $evil_file
    sudo rmdir $evil_file

That should get a list of everything the Veikk RPM would have installed, and delete it, without touching anything else like directories with other stuff in them.