Should debian-11-minimal come with `parted` by default (resize-rootfs)?

4.1 rc3

I couldn’t resize the system storage of debian-11-minimal and its clones.

In the debian-11-minimal journal:

<timestamp>[318]: /usr/lib/qubes/resize-rootfs: 15: partprobe: not found
<timestamp> localhost systemd[1]: qubes-rootfs-resize.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=127/n/a
<timestamp> localhost systemd[1]: qubes-rootfs-resize.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
<timestamp> localhost systemd[1]: Failed to start Adjust root filesystem size.

Clearly, the fact that partprobe is not installed was the issue. Indeed, after apt installing it, then rebooting the VM, the disk was resized correctly.

For Debian 11, partprobe is “part” of the parted package. Is parted not part of minimal templates? Or did I somehow accidentally remove it?

If parted is not installed by default, should it be? Perhaps the minimal templates’ documentation should state that parted is needed to resize the rootfs?

I could understand that “minimal” templates might not need more than a 10GB rootfs. For reference, I am installing texlive-full and other media programs, which end up totalling more than 10GB, thus leading to the need to resize the rootfs.

I am not marking this as “solved” since my real questions are regarding the inclusion of the package and the documentation edits, not so much solving the partprobe: not found error.


If we were to go that path, minimal would not be minimal very soon. :slight_smile:
Minimal should stay minimal. You can install what you want if you need to.
Probably the main reason to use minimal templates is attack surface reduction, so… less capabilities it better.


Nice catch, the dependency on parted was missing from the Debian and Arch Linux packages of qubes-core-agent. Non-minimal Debian templates installed it by coincidence, that’s probably why it wasn’t noticed sooner.