Sharing issues

so many times

i have downgraded my use of external computer input to a level below usability.
i can’t hear my team mates
i can’t see my team mates
i can’t see my team mates shared screens
am i doing it wrong or is this wrong?

We need more information to be able to help.
What is your computer specs?
What program are you using?
Which Qubes OS version are you using?

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Everything you listed works flawlessly on my machine. Maybe you have a hardware problem? Does it work on an ordinary G U/Linux? Which hardware do you have? Did you check the HCL? Could you provide your own HCL here?

Thank you all for your input
Strange that Sven didn’t tell me how to get all the info you are asking for.
I would like that.
Even though it doesn’t help now.

It’s in my above link to HCL: How to use the hardware compatibility list (HCL) | Qubes OS.