Settings / Customization and Qubes updates

Please help me find any relevant info regarding what dom0 and domU updates replace(roll back to defaults) in terms of settings/customization and what one can do in order to keep them persistent across updates.

This sounds like more of a Linux question to me, and the answer is going to be highly dependant on exactly what settings you are trying to protect.

For instance, if the setting is stored in an application specific configuration file then you should make a copy of that file and do a diff/meld between them after that application gets updated.

The first step is to determine what settings you need to protect, which you have not yet told us, and then step two, figure out where those settings are stored. Step three would be figuring out how to store, detect changes, and retrieve those settings from from your cashed storage and reapply them. All of this highly dependant on what you are trying to protect.

Once you figure all the above out you could write a script to diff the before and after copy and either add a routine hook into DNF directly or use cron to check for changes. You could even run a background script watching for specific file changes during updates and immediately revert it back. There are so many different ways.

You can also make sure your templates are backed up prior you running updates, and then revert back when something detectable changes. Restore that template backup to another name, copy the old file back over, and then remove the restored template. Restoring any file could be scripted in this way.

For us to be any more specific you will need to give us a clue about what specific settings you need to protect, then we might be able to give you some very specific answers. Sometimes it’s as easy as making the config file read-only. Even a cron job can be used to check and revert if something important changed. There likely are as many answers to this question as there are applications and GUI environments. We will be happy to help if you can be more specific with your needs.n

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Thank you for such detailed answer, I appreciate it.

You’re right, I’m fairly new to Linux and currently learning the basics of it along with adding some customization to meet my needs, such as visual aspects(theming, icons etc). Been a bit proactive, as I don’t want to lose my changes each update.
For example file icons I use in dom0 for applications, how do I keep them constant across the dom0 update?

Also found here on the forum some tool – salt – I guess that would solve many problems of this type, isn’t?