Setting application menu from command line


I am upgrading several computers from Qubes 4.0 to Qubes 4.1 by doing a reinstall (the in place upgrade does not work well with ThinkPad T495).
I have created a script that should set all of the settings in dom0 for each computer, there amongst the menu items but that is not working as I thought it would.

I can set a single item with the command:

qvm-features $QUBE menu-items org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop

followed by an update

qvm-appmenu --update $QUBE

and, voila, the menu is updated.

As soon as I want to put more items on the menu then that method fails and a command like

qvm-features $QUBE menu-items org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop firefox.desktop

gives me an error saying

qvm-features: error: unrecognized arguments: firefox.desktop

If I drop the org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop then it happily adds firefox.desktop so my conclusion is that the qvm-features only can understand one .desktop entry at a time. And I can’t find any way to add a .desktop file to the menu-items, only overwrite that feature.

So my question is, how do I got about putting items on the menu for VM’s through a script?

qvm-features $QUBE menu-items "org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop firefox.desktop"