Set automatic reboot so that the hard disk is encrypted again

Hello everyone,

new day, new topic.
I’ve been using Qubes on my PC for a while now. Now I have successfully completed a small notebook with Cubes.

Since I can set my cell phone under Graphene OS to reboot after a time X, I would like to have it for the laptop as well.
My thought is as follows: Qubes has the advantage that the hard disk is encrypted, among other things. Since I never shut down my laptop but only close it and open it the next time, it would only be protected by my user password in the event of theft, for example.
However, I would very much like to have the protection of the encrypted hard disk.

Hence the question of rebooting or automatic shutdown. I would also be happy if the hard disk encrypted itself again after X amount of time and I had to enter the encryption code after x amount of time.


See: Qubes-OS idle shutdown timer and shutdown when laptop lid closed - #2 by barto
(works without the lid being closed).

okay unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, but I wrote it in your linked post. Thank you for the link