Security vunerabilities while dual booting qubes?

Hello! I’d like to hear some opinions on what I was considering recently.

Lets say I have 2 separate SSDs in my laptop. The first would be dedicated to a regular linux distro, which I would use for learning pentesting. (I want a separate os for the sole purpose of running Kali Linux vm + some vulnerable vms which I don’t want to run on Qubes) And on the other SSD, I would install Qubes.

We can assume that both SSDs would be fully encrypted and they would never be mounted at the same time. Does using the regular distro raise any security concerns for the Cubes dedicated disc if the first were to be compromised?

Keep in mind that I consider myself a mere beginner, so if I missed any crucial details - please tell me what I’m missing.

Then you don’t need Qubes. You asked for an opinion.


You’d lose out on the real, hardcore security capability that Qubes is about for sure.

But the main philosophy of separating activities and traffic/connections into separate Qubes is still intact, with the caveat that all might be compromised if you have a serious adversary or go online in ways that attract automated hacks…

If starting out with Qubes I’d say that its very useful just getting used to it including separating, a lot of this is about habits, and then migrate again to a fully secured system including coreboot, me_cleaner and so on once you’re able to do all you did previously inside of Qubes.

That remains my goal at least, but since I do things like both cryptos and video editing getting everything into Qubes only is quite some project…


Perhaps you’re right. I guess a dedicated machine for Cubes would be better after all. Thank you for your opinion.


Thank you for the tips!