Security recomendations

Hello! So could someone please let me know of a trusted source to learn the basics of internet anonymity and security? I dont want to go and find bad sources for advice.

My threat model is that I am not breaking any laws but I have a lot of opinions that are looking like they will be illegal soon and I would rather die than allow myself to proclaim that 2+2=5.

So basically I am looking to be able to voice my opinions online and try to discourage fascism while avoiding being placed against a wall and shot for as long as possible.

Also I am interested in learning how to communicate securely as it looks like the need for that is inevitable.

Any recommendations for how to use Qubes effectively to optimize anonymity and minor in security would be appreciated.

Also I could use a good source to learn how to tell if my PC has been compromised and if possible a link to some qubes best practices. I am pretty new to having to worry about this stuff, I was born in a freeish country and never really came up with a plan for what to do if it all of a sudden became legal to discriminate against people based on their creed/opinions.

I would say, you could start with the Qubes OS official docs, including the FAQ. They mention a lot of security and privacy issues and how to solve them with Qubes OS. Also these links might be helpful:

Please note that simply using Qubes, without any additional hardening, makes you already much more secure than for most people.


This is off topic on this forum, but when you reach Trust Level 2, you will get access to a related discussion.

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Hi @anon11917472, as @fsflover said, here on the forum we focus on Qubes-specific discussions. To learn more about privacy and anonymity, you should check also the whonix wiki (whonix is also a “component in Qubes”).


Gotcha thanks. I was hoping for a recommendation for something in podcast form or you tube channels or Odysee and the like. if anyone has one they can vouch for that would be great as I don’t want to listen to bad advice. I have a ton of reading to do but like listen when I am doing work outside and whatnot which is 80% of my time.
Thanks for the advice though and Ill be sure to add it to my ever growing list of technical manuals and such.
Ya know I hate to say it but when I find myself having to learn all this stuff to avoid censorship it make me think Obama Bin Laden won. First I couldn’t get on a plane without getting eye raped by TSA and now I cant even look at my phone when I poop without covering my camera and hoping nobody is listening to the plops.